Oscilloscope Mk 1 Designs
Sunday, 07 September 2008 15:04

Following the interest garnered by the article I posted to this site about my USB oscilloscope design, I have decided to release the designs under an open-source Creative Commons licence.

Download this file (Oscilloscope[FT245R USB Controller config file (for MProg)]0 Kb15/04/10 18:27
Download this file (Oscilloscope[Pre-compiled CPLD Logic Files (JED/XSVF)]10 Kb14/03/09 22:22
Download this file (Oscilloscope_BOM_RevB.xls)Oscilloscope_BOM_RevB.xls[Bill of materials (Excel) - UK Suppliers]75 Kb14/03/09 22:05
Download this file ([Schematics and Board Layout (EAGLE)]582 Kb14/03/09 22:05
Download this file ([Pre-compiled HEX file (for PIC)]0 Kb14/03/09 22:07
Download this file ([PIC Firmware Source Files]2 Kb14/03/09 22:07
Download this file (Osc_Prog_Logic.pdf)Osc_Prog_Logic.pdf[Logic schematics & design (PDF)]143 Kb14/03/09 22:13
Download this file ([Software source (REALbasic)]322 Kb15/04/10 20:45
Download this file ([Oscilloscope Software (Mac Intel)]1443 Kb14/03/09 22:17
Oscilloscope Mk 1
Tuesday, 04 December 2007 22:37

The Mac based high-speed oscilloscope was started for my third year electronic engineering project as part of my degree course at the University of Exeter. This got me to a first working prototype operating at 50MSPS, and won me the Philip Booth Prize for the best individual project.