FTDI USB Controller D2XX Interface
Sunday, 06 April 2008 15:34

The modern computer interface of choice is undoubtedly USB, which can add many levels of complexity to a simple interface project. With the USB controllers from FTDI, however, this isn't the case. Their controllers can communicate with UART serial (FT-232 devices) or FIFO buffered 8-bit parallel (FT-245 devices) for interfacing at the 'electronics' end. The great bonus however, is the completely free (not open source though) drivers that they make available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The simplest are the VCP (Virtual COM port) drivers which simply show up as a normal serial port. If you want faster speed and greater control (and even the ability to control in "bit-bang" mode) then the direct D2XX drivers are better suited.

These REALbasic classes allow interface to the direct D2XX drivers on all three platforms. 

A project containing the classes, together with some examples on how to use them can be downloaded here:

Download this file (FTDI_Examples.zip)FTDI_Examples.zip[REALbasic project containing example project]22 Kb14/03/09 18:52