PICkit Programmers
Sunday, 28 October 2007 21:53

The cheapest tools offered by Microchip for programming PICs are the PICkit tools, now updated with the PICkit 3 Debug Express. The following tools can be used to program a wide range of PICs using the PICkit 1 and 2 programmers...

PICkit 1

The original PICkit consisted of a PCB with an integrated socket capable of programming base-line PICs with up to 14 pins. In addition the ICSP (in-circuit serial programming) pins could be accessed from a header. This meant it could program the following PICs:

- PIC12F629, 635, 675, 683, 685, 686, 689, 690
- PIC16F630, 636, 676, 684, 687, 688, 785, 913, 914, 916, 917,846
- PIC10F 200*, 202*, 204*, 206*, 220, 222
- PIC12F508, 509, 510
- PIC16F54*, 57*, 59*- PIC16F505, 506
* Some devices require an adapter for compatibility 

The usb_pickit program from Orion Sky Lawlor for programming with the PICkit 1 is included in the PICkit tools installer package which can be downloaded below.

PICkit 2

The latest PICkit (when programmed with the latest firmware) is capable of programming almost all PICs and when used with MPLAB (on Windows) can debug almost as many. This is undoubtedly one of the best value for money development tools available for PICs.

The pk2 program by Jeff Post for the PICkit 2 tool is included in the PICkit tools installer package which can be downloaded below.

An alternative option for the PICkit2 programmers is MacPKit2 which can be found here...

Update: Microchip have now released their own command-line tool for the PICkit 2 called pk2cmd which can be downloaded as a Universal Binary for the Mac from the PICkit 2 page on their site. 

PICkit 3 Debug Express

Microchip have recently introduced the PICkit 3 programmer. Currently I don't know of any software for programming this outside of MPLAB (If you find one that does, please let me know!).

Download this file (PICkit_Tools.zip)PICkit_Tools.zip[usb_pickit and pk2 installer]258 Kb14/03/09 21:32